libco (libco) wrote in chemical_valley,

World Premiere of Local Film

Thursday December 15, 2005 9 pm at theemptyglass

Join us for the Charleston Premiere of "Vampire Whores from Outer Space".

"Some People Just Suck"

When a spaceship full of female vampires lands on Earth, it's up to a couple of high-school sweethearts, a pair of backalley abortionists, and a ton of demented law enforcement officers to stop them.

Featuring a soundtrack packed with kick-ass music from artists such as The Pistol Whippers, Lords of the Highway, and Pinky.

Starring Lance Steele, Meghan McDowell, Brian Gunnoe, Johnny Pubis, Diana Burton, and a host of sultry vampiric vixens!

Written & Directed by Eamon Hardiman.

Be Dressed to Kill.
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