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This week at the Empty Glass

1.Thursday: Ampline ~ Ampline doesn't have a vocalist, and they don't need one. They play thoughtful, mesmerizing indie rock that weaves interesting fibers together into a vibrant, enveloping blanket of sound.

2.Friday: Jesse Payne and Amy Loftus ~ Jesse Payne's music is a natural blend of punk and folk music underneath storylines of love, loss, and regret. Amy Loftus is an artist. She has been a painter, a professional actress and dancer, and has been singing and writing since she hopped onstage with a local band. Her voice has been called “nothing short of spiritual.”

3.Saturday: Threefold Theory with Concrete Theory ~ Threefold Theory is a rock band without borders. With far too many influences to cite, Threefold Theory can run the gamut of musical genres at the drop of a hat. Calling themselves North Carolina RockCore, Concrete Theory is a 5-piece modern rock band based out of Lexington, North Carolina.

4.Sunday: Super Bowl Sunday! Followed by a Post-Mountain Stage Jam with The Carpenter Ants: Today's MS Live Taping features John Jorgenson Quintet, Joy Lynn White, Martha Wainwright, Chocolate Genius, Kevin Gordon, and the Winterpills! Come join your hosts The Carpenter Ants to see who joins up to jam!
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