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Tales from the Chemical Valley

The constant battle against un-ending boredom.

Adventures in redneck hell.
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About The Community
If you live in West Virginia, I'm sure you are aware of how miserably devoid of entertainment this state is. Located in the center of the bible belt, anything even remotely interesting has been removed. There are no clubs here that I know of and no "scene" as such. All the people who choose to live their lives in the non-redneck fashion have no choice but to spend their days locked up inside their homes doing drugs or something equally mind-numbing. So that's why I started this community. We cater to the goth, industrial, alternative, punk, and metal crowds of West Virginia, so if that describes you, why not join?
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Membership is open to everyone but obviously since this is a community about West Virginia, it would make sense that poeple who live here join. In addition, you don't have to be a member to post comments.
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